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If you want to send a message of support to the Southern Daily Echo reporters who have decided to take a stand against the Newsquest management, please leave your message in the comments section below.

Alternatively, you can send messages of support to and donations to ‘NUJ Southampton Special’.

Post cheques to NUJ Treasurer, Canute House, Petersfield Road, Cheriton, Alresford, SO24 0NH or donate directly into bank account ‘NUJ Southampton Special’ sort code 086001, account number 20181226.


46 Responses to Support Us

  1. Mike Roberts says:

    Best of luck with your campaign.

  2. Jacqui Goddard says:

    Shame on Newsquest management for being selfish grasping bastards and two thumbs up for those of you with the balls to stand up to them. Good luck.

  3. Al Gordon says:

    As a journalist for 62 years, starting on the Windsor & Eton Express aged 14 in 1948, and working on the DAILY MIRROR from 1957 and getting the Maxwell boot in 1985, you all have my fullest support. Try and hang on in there. These are tragic hours for journalism. Al Gordon

  4. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Here are a couple of messages of support that have been emailed:
    Dear comrades

    I am just writing to offer the warmest solidarity greetings to your members in dispute. This is a very difficult time for workers all over the UK (and internationally) with the widespread austerity agenda of this millionaire government. Cuts in jobs, pay, terms and conditions are happening to workers in all industries and across the private and public sectors and it is only by taking a stand like yours that we can hold the tide back.

    If only the leaders of our movement showed the courage and confidence of workers like those at the Echo and others such as the Southampton and Bucks Medirest Unison workers.

    I wish you every success in your fight and any solidarity which is in my power to deliver.

    Paul Couchman
    Secretary of Surrey County Unison
    Secretary of Surrey County Council Trade Unions (SCCTU)
    Officer of Save Our Services in Surrey (SOSiS)
    Organiser of the Socialist Party in Surrey
    National committee of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN)

    It is a shame that your employers have failed to reach a resolution with you.
    Members of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight branch of Napo (the Probation union) send you our best wishes and support for next week.


    Tinja Williams
    Chair – Hampshire & IOW Branch of Napo

  5. Alan Lloyd says:

    Fraternal greetings and continued good wishes in your struggle. Hoping for a maximum turnout and a minimum of scabs.
    Alan Lloyd
    Chair Unite – TGWU Branch 2/202

  6. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Another message of support via email:
    I’m just writing to send a message of solidarity for your members in struggle at the Daily Echo. Although I work in London, I have lived in Southampton for 32 years and am very aware of the difficulties you have faced with your employer over the years.

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to be there on the picket line next week, but please send my very best wishes for a successful action.

    In solidarity


    Jennie Formby
    National Officer | Food Drink & Tobacco Sector | Unite the Union

  7. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Another message of support via email:
    Very best of luck with the strike. I’ve sent this to all my old NUJ colleagues who I keep in touch with, and have made a modest donation to your strike fund.

    We’re all in this together, of course, so don’t be surprised if George Osborne joins you on the picket line………

    Yours in total solidarity,


  8. Dick Bellringer says:

    All the best for your action on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Andover Advertiser Chapel is also about to ballot for industrial action so we are not far behind you.
    Dick Bellringer, FoC Andover and chair of the Hampshire and South Wilts branch of the NUJ.

  9. SpittingFire says:

    “Newsquest dispute: Pay freeze and pensions not up for discussion, says Echo editor” –

    Never before have I had to witness on such a level and with such horror the utter arrogance beheld in this man Ian Murray and his fraternal management chums in their actions these last years and hearing his remarks over this dispute. This to top it all, when the collusion between him and Councillor John Hannides of the SCC in the controversial Sptifire monument competition result is tantamount enough.

    If Mr Murray does not relinquish in that matter likewise, it will be inevitable that he will take the Daily Echo down, and all who sail in her along with him.

    You have my unwavering support, and my deepest sympathy.

  10. Fran Griffiths says:

    You have my full support in your campaign.

  11. Jani says:

    Sending solidarity to the Echo workers, I’ve met quite a few of you when I’ve been running community events and seen the huge benefit of a local paper to this city. The management clearly need to recognise that it’s the hard work of the people on the ground which makes the paper successful.

  12. Jim says:

    All strength to you. Thank you for taking a stand.

  13. Mike Conder says:

    All the best to everyone who has the courage to walk out.

  14. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    A message via email:
    Dear Fellow Trade Unionists

    Just a quick message of support in your struggle to achieve a fair pay settlement. From what I’ve read, there is plenty of money in Newsquest’s coffers but like most employers, they want to ensure it goes to the Executives or the shareholders and not to those who create the product which generates the profits.

    Good luck to you.

    In solidarity,

    Glyn Tudor
    PCS Member

  15. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    Warm congratulations for not letting management intransigence or the freezing weather dim your determination to resist Newsquest’s assault on wages, jobs and journalism in Southampton.

    The whole union is backing you and it feels like other chapels across the country are voting almost daily to join you in the campaign. We hope you will remain united and strong – you should be massively proud of the magnificent stance you have taken.

    I was really hoping to make it to Southampton to join you on the picket line today but the weather in Scotland and the north-west means the trains are massively delayed. I’m sorry – I’ll be lucky if I make it as far as London at this rate.

    Best wishes for a successful day – bundle up warm!

    Pete Murray
    President, NUJ

  16. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Messages of support via text:
    Good luck with your battle. Keep warm! Bob Smith, FoC Bradford and Newsquest Group FoC

    Solidarity fotever comrades. The war is just begining – you’re the frontline. Sorry I couldn’t make it down this time – college deadlines approaching fast. In solidarity, Donnacha DeLong, NUJ Vice President

    Greetings from Bristol branch NUJ and congratulations on taking a stand when regional papers are being destroyed all over the UK. More power to your elbows.
    Paul Breeden, chair.

    Good luck with your strike against low pay. Ian Allinson, Unite EC member.

    All the best for your strike. We in London’s magazine sector have been enduring attacks on wages and conditions, so a victory in your dispute would be a major boost to our resolve to win them back.

  17. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Hi colleagues, I am Charles Atangana, an exiled journalist facing deportation. I am supporting yout action and give you my full backing. I have been in the same situation as you back in Cameroon. I join my support with others to help you stand firm and unite against injustice.

  18. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    We all realise the importance of local media as part of the democratic process in holding those in power and authority to account. Yet Newsquest and its publications don’t seem to value the role of local newspapers or their staff who work on them. A pay freeze is a pay cut, and an insult to the hard work and dedication you give to the paper and your local community.

    We admire your resolve in being out again on strike, especially in such cold weather. We wish you every success in your action and support your fight for a fair deal for fair pay.

    We hope you are keeping warm out in the freezing conditions, and that there is a thaw in the company’s pay freeze as well!

    Best wishes and in solidarity,

    Simon Chapman

    Di Harris

    NUJ, South West of England NEC representatives (job share)

  19. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    I write as the branch secretary of Camden Unison to with you NUJ members in Southampton and Brighton luck in fighting against a real pay cut and to extend my congratulations for your bold stand. I hope that it will serve as an example for Unison members and other public sector workers to follow in resisting a long-term freeze. Take care and once more good luck. In solidarity George Binette.

  20. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Message via email:

    Good luck and best wishes in your industrial action. It’s a disgrace that bosses are are getting pay increases when the workers are in a pay freeze.

    Mark. PCS/Unite member in Rochdale.

  21. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Messages via text:
    Good luck to newspaper journalists striking in Southampton. May the inner fire of your fight keep you warm.

    Good luck with the strike from Manchester Socialist Worker Party.

    Good luck in your fight for better pay from Manchester.

    Good luck in yout strike! Yours in solidarity, Neil McAlister, Unison Shop Steward, Manchester Mental Health Trust.

    Good luck with your strike. United with you. Claire Mooney, Manchester.

    Solidarity to NUJ strikers from the National Union of Teachers group at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Support for Learning Services. Good luck and fraternal greetings to your members, Amanda Bentham, NUT rep.

    Good luck with your action – Solidarity from NUJ members in Belfast, Julia Paul, former NEC Member for NI.

    All the best and solidarity to you in your dispute. I believe it’s cold and raining down there – keep up your spirits from all at Bolton Green Party.

    Solidarity from LSBU anti cuts group London. Hope you have every success xxx

    Good luck with your strike from health workers in Bolton.

    All the best with your strike action on this cold day. Our bosses are always trying to bleed more out of us but when we’re united we’re unbeatable. Stay strong! A victory for you would be a victory for all of us. Guardian Print Centre (Unite).

    Goldblade punk rock band support you.

    Hope your industrial action brings the right result. Best wishes to all the chapel. In solidarity, Keith Grant, Manchester Branch.

  22. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Message via text:
    Warmest fraternal greetings & best wishes for a sucessful outcome to your action. Give the finger to the next management muppet you see and tell them it’s from us. East Yorkshire branch.

  23. andy says:

    best of luck with your campaign.

  24. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    From the BBC World Service NUJ: you deserve medals for picketing in this weather. You are doing something that will benefit not just you but the whole community by ensuring a decent news service. You have our support.

  25. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Admiration, solidarity and very best wishes in your battle against this contemptible and unwholesome management. The worse they are, the harder we fight. You’re in the front line but that means everyone in the NUJ.
    NUJ Shropshire Branch

  26. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Hope your campaign for better wages goes well. I would also support a campaign for ‘real journalism’. It’s about time all the people read the news from soldiers of truth.
    Regards, HC

  27. kmarmol says:

    Good luck in your strike, hopefully the result will be an upturn to the backwards system of exploitation that you’re living under.

    In a time when telling the truth can have you prosecuted under trumped up charges, honest well paid reporters are incredibly valuable people.

    In solidarity


  28. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Well done for sticking it to the bosses. You all make me proud to be an NUJ member.
    Miles Barter, Peckham

  29. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Hope the strike went well today and the picket line didn’t get too cold. It’s time to put a stop to the ConDem cuts and start organising ourselves like those revolting students are doing. Solidarity!
    Belinda Affat, Mother of the Chapel, Guardian Print Centre, London

  30. Richard Simcox says:

    Good luck with your action, you have my absolute admiration and support. I thought you might be interested to see the text of a letter I’ve emailed to your newspaper this evening (below).

    All the very best in your dispute. We’re all behind you.


    Richard Simcox
    NUJ press and PR branch member

    Letter for publication:

    As the national press officer for the Public and Commercial Services union, I would like to explain why we refused to comment on your story about cuts at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

    As the union that represents staff at the MCA, PCS would normally want to offer its perspective. But at the time I was contacted on Tuesday (7 December) NUJ members at the Echo had started a two-day strike and both I personally, and the union I work for, support them in their fight for fair pay and against cuts.

    We value highly the work of the local media and we do not want to see its essential functions undermined by short-sighted cost-cutting. We believe that Newsquest should invest in its newspapers and its staff as part of a long-term commitment to quality journalism.

    PCS will be happy to speak to the paper when NUJ members are at work but we will not be helping journalists at the Echo to break their colleagues’ strike.

    Richard Simcox
    National press officer
    Public and Commercial Services union

  31. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    Best of luck in your battle for fair pay. Whatever our employers say, industrial action does get results. May you have a warm feeling on a cold picket line knowing that you’re in the right.
    From Tory, National Union of Journalists

  32. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Message via email:
    On behalf of our chapel, I’d like to offer a message of support to colleagues at the Southern Daily Echo who will be taking strike action this week. The issue you face is an important one and I’m delighted to see local journalists standing up for what is a just cause. In the BBC dispute, the NUJ has proved to be the one union (of the five involved) to stand firm in the face of completely unjustified action by bosses who – while making themselves rich at the licence-payers’ expense – allowed the BBC to take a lengthy pensions holiday which led directly to the present financial crisis in the pension fund and are now trying to make us pay for it. I’ve circulated all of our members about the issue facing journalists in Newsquest who’ve had no pay rise since 2008 while the Newsquest bosses have rewarded themselves massively.
    All the best. We wish you have a successful outcome.
    Chris Coneybeer,
    Father of the Chapel, NUJ, BBC South

  33. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    Dear Daily Echo colleagues,

    This is just a note to say that we are right behind you in your campaign for a decent pay rise.
    Journalists provide an essential public service. The main purpose of that service cannot be to boost profit margins or to pay hefty management bonuses.
    To provide a quality service valued by the community, journalism must be properly funded – and that means rewarding talent, experience and hard work. Otherwise the hardworking talent and experience will leave journalism, or won’t come to it in the first place.
    Our industry is engaged in a race to the bottom to see who can produce the cheapest product with the least resources.
    It is high time to put a stop to this, and your strikes are the most powerful signal to Newsquest that they must think again.
    Please let us know how best we can support you.
    All the best
    David Crouch
    FoC, Financial Times

  34. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    via text:
    Good luck on the picket line.
    Simon – Bradford NUJ

    Solidarity from the 1700 members of the NUT in Southwark

  35. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    Good luck in your battle to win some respect in the Newsquest workhouse. A small cheque is on its way by snail mail to your strike fund. It should at least fund a few bags of sweets for those less enlightened colleagues (no doubt with armed bodyguards!) crossing your attractive looking picket line. Don’t let them grind you down.

    Brian Samuel (Essex retired sub-editor veteran of 1979 provincial journalists strike)

  36. Mike says:

    Good luck and stay strong. It’s only about the bottom line with Newsquest and they do not value their workforce.

  37. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via Facebook:
    Solidarity to you all. Standing up to corporate greed. Standing up for journalists and journalism. You are an inspiration.
    Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary

  38. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via text:
    All the best to the chapel in your dispute.
    In solidarity, Kath – NUJ Manchester Branch

  39. Barry Fitzpatrick Head of Publishing NUJ says:

    We can all be proud of the stand that you have taken against the greediest employer in the British Newspaper Industry.
    Your campaign must succeed so together let us make sure that 2011 brings to an end the attacks on journalists and your profession.

    Barry Fitzpatrick

  40. Chris Morley says:

    The brilliant Southampton action has been the catalyst for unleashing a wave of anger among the badly exploited journalists employed by Newsquest (unlike Johnston Press they have not yet claimed they don’t employ any journalists!).
    The company that likes to say “no” is heading for its greatest NUJ action against the misery inflicted by directors over years. Keep with it and we will prevail…

  41. Julia Armstrong says:

    Well done for your action against Newsquest bosses. You’re fighting for us all and showing the way forward, like the students at the moment!
    (We’ll sort out a donation from South Yorks branch ASAP.)

    Best wishes and solidarity,
    Julia Armstrong, MoC Sheffield Newspapers NUJ, chair, South Yorks NUJ branch

  42. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    Dear Colleagues,
    It is a sad day when members of staff are driven to take this action because they are left in the position of not being able to afford to do the jobs that they are so committed to – and in many cases incurred student debt to train for.
    Please be assured that you have the support and best wishes of your colleagues in Yorkshire .
    Best wishes and good luck.
    Peter Johnson

    Joint FoC of the NUJ Joint Chapel at Yorkshire Post Newspapers

  43. Joy Macknight says:

    Solidarity greetings!

  44. Daily Echo NUJ Chapel admin says:

    Via email:
    You’re leading the way and showing what a chapel really can do. We’re standing with you in spirit. Keep up the good work.

    The NUJ York Chapel.

  45. Johnny Biscuit says:

    Keep it up. Newspaper management ever the same, expects all God’s hours from staff and treats them little better than serfs.

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